The Pugs of the Yankee Pug Dog Club

Member/Subscriber Information

New Members

Being a member of the Yankee Pug Dog Club has certain commitments and obligations. As a member, you should try to attend at least 50% of the YPDC meetings (3) each year. In order for the Club to function and be able to vote on important matters, AKC requires that we have 20% of our membership present in order to do so. This doesn't sound like a lot, but frequently the only times this happens are at the Annual Dinner Meeting in October and the two Pug Socials, one in June and the other in August, which means that the only time we can conduct Club business is at these three functions. It is also the only time we can vote in new members. Putting on a Match, Point Show, Pug Socials, Dinner Meeting, etc., is a lot of work, and it should not be the same people doing the work all the time. It's up to all the members to pitch in and do their part.

As a Subscriber, you have all the same rights as a member except you cannot vote and you do not have to attend any meetings. You will receive the Club Newsletter to keep in touch with other Pug people and are most welcome to attend any Club meeting or function. You may also send in articles or ads for the Newsletter. You are an important part of the Pug world, as you are the ones who give love and a good home to so many of our Pug puppies! For those of you who are active breeders and exhibitors, you are required to help at Club functions.

We are going to let you decide - should you be a Member or a Subscriber?

New Membership Application

Please download our application here: CLICK FOR NEW MEMBER APPLICATION

Member/Subscriber Renewal

All members and subscribers must renew their membership annually during the month of October. Dues for both members and subscribers are $20.00 each. Members must attend at least three club meetings per year. Subscribers are not required to attend meetings and cannot vote. Subscribers are welcome at any club meeting or function and will receive emails and updates on club activities. To be eligible to vote and to receive annual awards, you must be a member in good standing and have renewed your membership status. Please fill out the membership renewal application as completely as possible and mail to the treasurer along with a check for $20.00 made payable to “The Yankee Pug Dog Club”.

Please download our application here: CLICK FOR RENEWAL APPLICATION

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