The Pugs of the Yankee Pug Dog Club

About Us

The Yankee Pug Dog Club is a member club of the Pug Dog Club of America. Headquartered in Hartford, Connecticut, YPDC enjoys a membership that covers all of New England.

Our members, and subscribers, are breeder-exhibitors, obedience competitors, Pug rescuers, pet owners, and - first and foremost - serious Pugaholics! Whether you are a seasoned exhibitor or a Pug owner wannabe, you will find a welcome in the YPDC.


The Officers and Board of Directors are elected every October at the annual meeting by the general membership.

The current slate consists of :

Janet McLaughlin: President
Polly Lamarine: Vice President
Ross Siddell: Treasurer
Linda Casey: Recording Secretary
Michael Farina: Corresponding Secretary

Board of Directors
Donald Ayrton
Rick Valeriay
Claire Burchfield
Judi Johnson
Gail Godbout

Membership Chairperson
Polly J. Lamarine
61 Fairfax Ave.
Meriden, CT 06450

Delegate to the Pug Dog Club of America
Polly Lamarine

Breeder Referral
Gail Godbout
Phone: 203-271-0855
Email: replika klokker jam tangan replika replica kellot replika ure


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